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Hover over map, specify your 2 (the field), 4 (the square), 6, or 8 character grid, or enter latitude and longitude to show grid and/or calculate distance.    Feedback or suggestion? Click here.

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Latitude, longitude, and maindenhead grid square.

View, convert, and distance your location's latitude and longitude to the maidenhead grid locator system for amatuer radio. Also, latitude and longitude for great circle path and distance. The Maidenhead Grid Locator system (also QTH) is a geographic co-ordinate system used by amateur radio operators to succinctly describe their location. The system can describe any location in the world. Latitudes and longitude can be coverted to and from the grid system. This system replaces the QRA locator system since it was only used in Europe. Other names for the grid locator are: grid squares, QTH, or grid location.

Grid Square Locator

Enter your zip-code, city, latitude, or longitude to find your maidenhead grid square on the Google or Bing map. The largest square, two digits field encoding, e.g. CN, is 10° latitude by 20° longitude in size.

Grid Square Calculator

The grid square, two digits field and two digits square, e.g. CN87, is 1° latitude by 2° longitude in size.

Find Grid Square

The next smaller grid sub-square, with 6 digits, e.g. CN87AA, is 0.041667° latitude and 0.083334° longitude in size.

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