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GPS Satellite

Tracks your location text and on maps. Save and load points.

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Windows 10 desktop.

Satellite Tracking

Just click the button to download the application from the store. After the application downloads, you'll be tracking in just a few moments. It's easy and fun!

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App Store Marketplace World Search

Search the best free and paid applications from different countries around the world.

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Windows 10 phone.

Weather Satellite

Weather images for all continents: Antartica, Africa, North America, South America, Asia, and Europe.

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Travel Translator

Translate text from one language to another!

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Compass Digital

View the compass and see what direction you should move in.

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Battery Advisor Tile

View how much battery power is left on your device.

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Concert Light

Party at the concert - show your excitement by flame or specified color.

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Jobs and Employment

Enter your location and press the button to find all the available jobs in your area.

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Flight Path Great Circle

Select two locations and see what the great circle route on the map - flying time for various aircraft.

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Backgrounds and LockScreen

Several beautiful backgrounds and screens to save to your phone or desktop.

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Christmas Santa Countdown Timer

See how many days are left until Christmas. And, see Santa's route for this season.

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Predator or Prey

Don't let the predator or prey get you in this game!

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Date and Time

View the current date and time in different formats, large, and small sizes.

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Advertised Deal of the Day

View the best advertisements in your area.

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